Dear Men



How do you want
to dress?

Tired of the content in your wardrobe? Not feeling completely comfortable in your clothes? Many men testify that their partner always buy their clothes, and they don´t feel totally OK about it. Sure - it might be practical and convenient - but do you really get what you want? Maybe you feel a bit lost here?

In my experience, it is often effective to invest in a mens basic wardrobe, with good quality clothes and shoes.
Then you can easily put together combinations that make you feel stylish, relaxed and well-dressed, both at work and at home. 

Let´s begin with an investigation on your current wardrobe, and find out what is there! Then we go shopping, completing what you already have - or, if needed - building up your wardrobe from the beginning. Together we will find out what you want, and what you need - and what makes you feel and look good!

Welcome to contact me for a Consultation, Wardrobe review och Shopping assistance. Welcome to contact me for a Consultation, Warderobe review or Shopping assistance.  

Våga Vara Vacker
Olivedalsgatan 19
SE-413 10  Göteborg, Sweden

+46 73-960 42 81    anita@vagavaravacker.se