Wardrobe review



We search for your
long forgotten treasures

I'm coming to your home, and together we will work through your closet. First, we will bring out the obvious goodies. And if we are lucky, we will find long forgotten treasures that are hidden in the dark corners of your wardrobe. We might even discover new, chick combinations that you didn´t  know existed, and your will learn how to see the potential in what you already have.

Then, we will toss the non-fitting, badly-broken and washed-out clothes, creating more space for what really works - and maybe for something new!
I photograph the different combinations, so you remember them all! 

Aftewards you get photos and a summary of our work.

  • Basic wardrobe - what needs to be completed?
  • Underwear and socks.
  • How to mix summer and winter wardrobe.
  • Mix different materials.
  • Renew garment by changing details.
  • Lifting clothes with scarves, jewelry, accessories and shoes.

I will help you to bring function into your closet, so you get inspired and happy when you open the door. And I will show you how to take good care of your clothes and shoes. Then they will look better and last longer! (Great for the environment - and your wallet.) 

We also talk about how you feel about your body. Are you comfortable in you own skin? We all have different issues when it comes to our bodies, but they seldom match reality. Seriously: is you butt really that big? And - if so - is it really a problem?

When you start to love and appreciate your body, just the way it is, you will glow as the great goddess you are! TRUST ME!

5 h. in Gothenburg
Price: 4 800 SEK

For companies, 25 % VAT will be added on the price.


I had a session with Anita on Corfu and that was a big challenge for me. The idea to have someone look through my wardrobe scared me somehow. But Anita is such a sensitive person and made me feel comfortable. In a light and humorous way, she showed me which colors and shapes of clothes fit perfectly and suit me well. She showed me how to combine and mix basics. Thank you so much! Anita Wiger - du är fantastisk. 

Miriam Kalliwoda, Berlin, Germany