How would you really like to feel?

At a consultation, we get together and talk about your needs. Do you want help with your wardrobe? Is it time to get rid of the old and make space for the new? Need some help with shopping? Or maybe both? We also reflect upon what might prevent you from stepping into your most beautiful you. Are there old, unconscious agreements who run the show and decide who you are... what you should look like... what clothes you should wear... and what
styles you may have?

Together we make new, conscious choices about how you actually want to look!

We also talk about your relationship to your body. Many people - both men and women -  are very critical towards their bodies, but instead off getting stuck on what you 
don´t like, we turn our focus on your individual beauty. Your juicy hips, fabulous legs or something else that makes you particularly beautiful. 

We also take a look at your budget; how much do you want to spend on complementing your wardrobe? Good for me to know when I plan out your clothing purchases.

Cost: 850 SEK, 1 hour. 

For companies, 25 % VAT will be added on the price.

Being with Anita means to be seen and cherished at the very core. She has a fine eye and with her sensitivity she unravels the very things that are not needed anymore and brings out the beauty and style that is uniquely and refreshingly you. 

Jasmin Schoch, Bremen, Germany