Happy clients



Being with Anita means to be seen and cherished at the very core. She has a fine eye and with her sensitivity she unravels the very things that are not needed anymore and brings out the beauty and style that is uniquely and refreshingly you. I got soooo much out of our time together. She helped me find my own style in a playful and warm-hearted way without ever imposing anything. The whole process is deep and it changed the way I see, feel and dress myself, and it still continuing  - it is a wonderful basis to grow and shine from the inside out and the outside in. I can totally utterly recommend her. With so much love and gratitude.

Bubbly shiny kisses and a warm-hearted hug!


Jasmin Schoch, Bremen, Germany

I had a session with Anita on Corfu and that was a big challenge for me. The idea to have someone look through my wardrobe scared me somehow. But Anita is such a sensitive person and made me feel comfortable. In a light and humorous way, she showed me which colors and shapes of clothes fit perfectly and suit me well. She showed me how to combine and mix basics. I still make use of her sugguestions (especially when I go shopping). She also helped me to find some very simple, fast and cool ways to pin up my long hair. Before, I didn’t like to wear my hair pinned up, but now, I enjoy doing so from time to time. I feel a lot more confident in my clothes.Anita really knows how to help people express their beauty. Thank you so much! Anita Wiger - du är fantastisk. 

Miriam Kalliwoda, Berlin, Germany

At first Anita seems like a bubbly crystal flute of the finest champagne but you only need a couple of minutes with her to understand she has the depth of the ocean with a penetrating clarity to cut through the bullshit and hold you in truth. I signed up for what I thought was a styling session but Anita knew that what I needed more was a lesson in valuing myself and standing in my power and beauty. Of course we had some fun with my wardrobe as well. Anita was at once like a best friend I had known all my life and a no nonsense styling goddess. Being styled by Anita from the inside out is something I would have no hesitation in recommending. With love and Gratitude.

Kate Walker, Health Coach, Australia

Made my wish come true and booked a styling coaching by Anita,when I was in Goteborg. I thought that I am not beautiful, but in the sensible , and very professional caoching , Anita teached me to see and underscore my chocolateside in clothes and in my mind. It was very touching AND it was great fun . I enjoy it so much . Now many of my friends and clients say , wouh- something changed with you last winter you are so radiant und good looking .I saw some women who had a coaching with Anita and was every time so impressed how Anita brought the shining beautiful women out we have all in us . NEVER imagined that it is possible by me to. SHE MAKES IT HAPPEN. Thank you so much Antia!

 Maria Geiser-Letzel Vaals Netherlands

Anitas help was like a seed covered with juice and warmth... Redy to give fruits and to keep growing. She gave me in short time the support I needed to sort  out what I wanted, what I needed, and what I did't need anymore... And one year later I still enjoy fruits of her gentel and efficient push towards a more beautiful " Me". She is a precious gift I warmly, highly and deeply recommend.

Helga Rachel Hogåsen, Oslo Norway