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Walk in beauty!

It was always easy for me to see the beauty in everything and everyone. I love beautiful clothes in creative combinations, love cool hairstyles. I have worked as a hairdresser for over 30 years, and to inspire and bring out the beauty in others is natural and joyful to me. But seven years ago, my life changed totally .

One morning I woke up with a half-sided facial paralysis. I was shocked and terrified when I saw myself in the mirror. With drooping eyelid and jaw I felt least of all beautiful.
In order not to completely break down, I decided to focus on what made me feel happy.
One way was through my clothes.

Anything that didn´t fit me had to move out of the wardrobe, and great new garment that sat perfectly moved in. I enjoyed taking good care of my hair, and the phrase "no more bad hair days" took on a whole new meaning. A deep exploration of the concept of beauty began, and my view of what was beautiful was radically transformed .

What is it that makes us feel beautiful?

Firstly, I decided that life is NOW, not later, when my face looked normal again,
or when I had lost those extra pounds. Secondly, I decided to immediately begin to highlight my pros and start to Walk In Beauty. Not because others would think that I was good looking, but as an act of love to myself. Over time, I noticed that it worked!

Eventually the idea was born to help and inspire others to begin to fully feel and see the beauty in themselves, and six years ago I started my stylist company Våga Vara Vacker - Walk In Beauty.

I love long-lasting clothes of good quality. I gladly buy fine vintage clothes that are both climate-friendly and original. My friends call me "queen of sales" for my ability to find smart quality-clothes on sales .

I work a few days the week at my hair salon (which I love ) in Gothenburg, and the rest of the time, I travel in Sweden as well as abroad to help women and men to find a better-looking style. Every year I work in Greece with the International Women's Organization Awakening Women, and teaches personal development and Walk In Beauty-coaching for women from around the World (www.awakeningwomen.com). I´m also a trained Lifedancing-teacher and feel alive and free when I dance (www.lifedancing.se)

I am 52 years old, lives in Gothenburg with my husband Mats. Together, we have our lovely daughter Ebba who lives in Stockholm. Our family also includes Dexter The Dog, a curly-haired, Spanish water dog that brings a lot of joy into our lives - as well as a few gray hairs!


Våga Vara Vacker
Prinsgatan 3
SE-413 05  Göteborg, Sweden

+46 73-960 42 81    anita@vagavaravacker.se

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